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Engineering Services

Rubik's Cube

We provide you with the analysis of whether your product, service meets the requirements, specifications and complies with regulations. We can carry out set of tests during the development or operational stage of your product/service life cycle. This enables your success with informed decision making.

Policy Development

We know how important it is for business to develop organisational wide and departmental policy. Hence, we have got you all covered with our policy development service. We can offer you a detailed strategic policy document along with a POAP for better visualisation. We have an extensive experience of policy development and successful management techniques as per your needs

Quality Management System

We specialise in implementing and maintaining your quality management system. Big or small we can take your organisation through the journey of ISO 9001 implementation. with ISO defined principles

Improvement Programme

Is there an area in your business that you are looking to improve? We have excellent tools available for improvement programmes. Our analysis will give you a programme to follow for improvement actions.

Strategy Roadmaps

Many businesses have a good policy defined but struggles to establish the roadmap to the successful delivery. If you are feeling lost on how to achieve your business goals, we can help you. Our bespoke roadmap will take you through small steps to reach our goals in your required timescales.

Lean Improvements

As you may be aware that Lean is a well renowned concept used worldwide. However, we are providing you with the bespoke Continuous development opportunity for your business with lean tools and engagement through right channels. We can offer you team building workshops catered to your needs or a questionnaire to help you understand your employee’s needs.

Resource Planning

We have an excellent tool for your resource management catered to your needs. This will enable you to deliver projects efficiently and effectively to cost and time with limited resource availability.

Compliance & Governance

Our compliance and governance service provide you with the evaluation of regulations for your area and interpretation of standards. This enables you to define your strategy and road map to achieve your compliance.

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