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Together we reach the goal

Welcome to AssureBiz Ltd

Business Development at your doorstep

Welcome to AssureBiz Ltd. We are dedicated to providing you the very best business development service with an emphasis on Engineering Assurance and Risk Management. 


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Experience matters

Founders of AssureBiz Ltd has over 10 years experience of delivering projects with engineering excellence. We help businesses innovate and grow with our tailored service in core areas of resource management, continuous improvement and policy development. We can provide strategic and creative support to our clients in every aspect to grow their business, create real impact and help meet business challenges.

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Choosing an ethical culture

Efficiency, Ethical and sustainability is core to everything we do

Life is too short to compromise

The driving factor for our business model is efficiency. We recognise the value and potential in businesses and deliver quick wins for organisations to make positive impact to the world.


It is core to everything we do

We are committed to provide service to businesses for developing a sustainable policy to help them make decisions, considering many factors (Environment, Social and Financial) and avoid wastage. We are able to provide service value that would help organisations to sustain and exist for the betterment of environment, social and financial impacts.


We provide service value that would help organisation to sustain.

We feel pride in our reliability/dependability culture. We treat our customers with Honesty and respect. The key principle that guide us is the importance of diversity. We recognise strengths of all individuals and value their contributions.


We feel pride in our reliability & dependability culture.

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About us
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Our Values


We believe honesty is vital part for any business dealings


We are committed do everything possible for our clients to achieve their full potential


We promote safety culture in everything we do


We focus on the consistency in our delivery which means our clients can fully trust on our service


Meet the team

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Together we are stronger

The Team
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